Why Mac OS - A Must Read

Why Mac OS

A lot of talk these days is about the Macintosh and Apple. With their mobile devises like iPhone and iPad, Apple became the most valuable brand in the world. And not without a cause: they are just brillant.

But is this also true for their much older product: the Macintosh Computer that is around since ancient 1984.

Compared to the mainstream, Apple always used to be a different world, and many elaborate computer users think about – and doubt – whether to switch to the Mac or not. Wasn’t the Mac just for the creative people, for the people who weren’t really power users? Is a Mac even a real computer? Or is it just some nice point-and-click thing, that lacks depth and complexity?

This is where this book comes in: it tells you in a different way than all the others what the Mac is and what it will do for you. It tells you from a historical perspective, shows its development and what each step brought for the user.

This book will tell you exactly what advantages a Mac has compared to the other competitors, like Windows or Linux. And it will tell you which of the many myths and rumors around it are true – and which aren’t.

This book will give you detailed insight in Mac OS-X and the Macintosh Series of Personal Computers.

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