What is a Automatic Watch?

A quartz-watch is not a luxury watch. If you consider to purchase a luxury watch, forget quartz.

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Yes, a quartz watch is the most accurate kind of watch, you never have to wind it, it only needs a new battery every half a dozen years and it can be as tiny as a fingernail as the quartz movement does not need a lot of space because all the functionality of the watch is packed into a tiny computer chip. And when you combine that technology with radio, you can have atomic precision and always the correct daylight savings time. But if you are talking ‘real watches’, that is technology-nonsense.

All that modern technology has nothing to do with expensive luxury watches. If you want a watch to find out what time it is, grab a Seiko quartz watch for a few bucks and be happy with it.

The same applies for smart watches. If you want to carry a computer on your wrist, do so. But despite its price it will never be a luxury watch. I am a huge Apple-Fan, but I will never consider an Apple Watch as a luxury watch. It’s a gadget, it’s a cool little computer, very close to you, it’s a lot of things, but it will never be a luxury watch, even if they price it at $50,000.

And that is because it is not timeless. It sounds like joke, but only timeless watches are real luxury watches. If you take a Rolex watch from 1930 or a Omega pocket watch from 1910, it still works, when you wind it. It works as it did in 1930 or 1910. And it will continue to work long after we passed away, just like its former owners already have passed away. If you purchase a luxury watch it keeps its value, because it keeps working. It does not depend on the availability of batteries, or even voltage, it does not need an atomic clock somewhere to synchronize to, nothing. It just works completely by itself - and of course you, setting the right time, once.

That means also: a real watch needs to be a mechanical watch. If you need a battery…

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