Vintage Rolex Models

What are Vintage Rolex Watches

If someone speaks of vintage Rolex models he usually does not mean the models from the 1990s and 2000s we described in the last chapter.

Rolex vintage models are considered those classical models from the 1970s and 1960s, some even from the 1950s and -40s. These watches are around 50 years old and are considered valuable, because the extremely robust movements still work as expected and there are not very many of them around, what makes them very collectible and expensive.

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These old watches usually have no sapphire but plexiglas crystals that scratch and some even have fine fissures and for that reason are called ‘spider-web’ and are, for that reason, especially sought after.

And all of them use radioactive tritium as the luminescent material. This leads to an effect that is very welcome to Rolex vintage collectors and that is the aging of the luminescent material on the hour markers and hands. The material ages because of the constant radioactive radiation it bears for over 40 years and becomes orange or brown instead of white.

But they do not all age in the same way. Some more, some less, some beautifully, some not so much. However, this individual differences, that never look identical on two watches, make each of these watches a individual specimen, a beautiful individual.

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