Old Rolex Watches

Why are Old Rolex Watches more Valuable than New Ones

Old Rolex watches are not considered old, worn, used or busted - even if they are. They are considered vintage, classic, beautiful, with patina and history, even with an appreciated personal story of events. A brand new Rolex Daytona today costs $10.000, a Daytona from 1970 in good condition will be more than $50.000.

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A lot of this is due to the fact that Rolex watches are extremely robust. This is expressed in the urban legends that tell of sunken ships where a Rolex diving watch was found after months in salt water and the watch still worked perfectly when wound. Or, that you buy a Rolex not only for yourself but also the generations to come after you as the watch probably will work much longer than you life. Rolex owners report that they gave their Explorer after 10 years on the wrist to a watchmaker to do a revision and they got the watch back with the advice to wait with the revision as the watch still worked perfect and very accurate as on its first day – after 10 years of daily wear.

There are a lot such legends and stories around, but the true core of the story is that Rolex watches are very robust and will work very long time. And that’s why a 20 or even 40 year old Rolex is still considered a good watch and a good investment.

I’ve seen a story of an old Submariner from 1955 that was actually worn as a divers watch for over 30 years and was then in 2012 finally sold to a collector for over $5.000. The watch itself was in reasonable condition given its age and use case but the bracelet nearly disintegrated. But this watch and even the bracelet was treated as a work of art, as a piece with a history of events, parts of them documented by old black and white fotos of barefooted people in diving suites along with some letters from Rolex relating to changes and revisions that were done to the watch to keep it doing its job flawlessly over the years and decades. Actually some people suggested to offer this watch to the Rolex museum, as a witness of a time period.

The bottom line is: even old - expecially old - Rolex watches are considered precious, very precious. So old and very old Rolex watches are very sought for, but there is another element in this story:…

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