What are Seriously Cool Watches?

What are Seriously Cool Watches

What all these watches have in common is, as we found out, not exactly and not only their ridiculously high price. They have in common that you cannot see their magnificence on a picture. You at least have to see them, better hold them in your hands, best, put them on your wrist where they belong. Believe me, even if you find them like ‘ok’ on a photo, you have to see them in reality to decide if you like them or not.

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Although there are thousands of designs, there is only a hand full of watches that are really cool and can be considered as classics or the cornerstones of watchmaking.

Here again is a lot of subjectivity involved – although I believe that everyone recognizes real class when he sees it. You immediately recognize, if something is a perfect work of art, or just plainly silly. You simply see it intuitively, if every little detail is perfect. You intuitively feel that all the proportions are perfect, that everything is aligned perfectly, that every part of the design resonates with every other part. And that is what these watches are meant to be in their essence: perfect.

On the other hand, there is another aspect to watches: every type of watch has its archetype. Often this is the watch that started something new, that invented something, became the first top seller in a new market, or just was stunningly perfect from day one of its existence.

It also often happens that a watch has the reputation to have started a whole new market, but in truth there was another one before it, that just never became famous. That’s the way things go. The perfect one will be remembered forever, the first one is forgotten.

It is often not a bad move to purchase the original one, the one that wasn’t first but is remembered, the icon. It is not wise to buy the copy of that icon from another watchmaker. It’s often not easy to see which is the iconic one. Look for it. We will try to give you an idea on the following pages.

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