A Little Bit of Heritage

But let’s start at the very beginning. Don’t turn time upside down, when it comes to watches.

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A lot of things in watches is about heritage. It is a very time-aware hobby. You may have inherited a watch, you may inherit it to someone further down the road, the watchmakers themselves talk a lot about their heritage in terms of watchmaking and know how and in these days of the vintage watch trend the individual heritage of a specific watch is even more en vogue and nearly every old and worn watch is appreciated for its individual history.

Even before the beginning, my grandfather had a Swiss watch. It was a Eterna Matic bought around 1965. That was why I rather early on knew that there was only one pound in watches: Swiss watches. He told me about it and I for the first time heard as a young boy about the little wonder that a watch did not need to be wound and neither did need a battery and even though continued working – on and on and on. Just because grandpa had it on his wrist and moved the wrist. The watch wound itself.

At this time I had no idea how the watch did that magic trick but I learned that there was something special about Swiss watches and about that self-winding magic.

He also had a tiny heritage of pocket watches and one of them also was Swiss pocket watch Made by Omega.

But if you now think, an Omega pocketwatch from around the 1920s has to be a real collectors piece and worth huge amounts of money, I have to disappoint you. Pocketwatches in general are less collectible than wristwatches. And even an Omega, which today is a major luxury brand, from that time is not worth more than a couple of hundred bucks. Even a Patek or other absolutely top notch pocket watch from some earlier time does not come near the value of some wristwatches from the 1950s or 1960s.

The reason for that…

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