Luxury Watches as Investment – 1 Why Investing?

Why Investing?

The monetary value of all currencies melts like butter in the sun. Monetary stability, even the world’s major currencies, such as the US dollar and the Euro, are simply no longer there today for political reasons. Monetary stability is passe.

Since the introduction of the ‘currency’ US dollar in 1971, since the dollar is no longer ‘money’ but only a ‘currency’, since the gold coverage of every single dollar has been removed, the US dollar has lost 90\% of its value. And the Euro seems to want to outdo him in that.

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By inflation, every day, billions of Euros of monetary value are destroyed and thus private wealth, hard-won assets of people, simply destroyed. Not only do people work almost half of their total working time, of any given year or even their entire lives, just for the state – and not for themselves – of what they have left after taxes, the hidden tax of inflation takes again another 30-90\%. Unless they invest the money properly.

Anyone lucky enough to call capital his own has only two options: either lose everything to inflation or invest capital in values that remain.

And there are actually only a few things of lasting value. These are: real estate, tangible assets, such as corporate interests (if at least the company continues to be successful), as well as precious metals and works of art.

Investing in Works of Art?

Real estate requires a relatively high starting price, Corporate investments are a risky business, and precious metals are increasingly being regulated, controlled and monitored by the state.
Only thing that remains as a good investment, ist the artwork. Similar to precious metals, works of art are available in many different price ranges and are suitable as a form of investment for almost every wallet.

On the other hand, of course, real estate and equity investments yield a return, the ownership yields positive interest and you receive regularly, e.g. monthly, quarterly or annually a disbursement, a payment for the investment, in the case of real estate often in the form of a rent, in the case of company investments in the form of a dividend, i.e. a profit sharing.

Precious metals and works of art don’t offer that kind of monetary return, but…

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