What Makes A Man

What Makes A Man?

»What makes a man Mr. Lebowski? Is it to do anything necessary to achieve?«

»Yea, that and a pair of testicles.«

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When we were little boys we all liked the same things: fast supercars like the Lamborghini Countach, fast planes like the SR-71 Blackbird and huge dinosaurs like the Brachiosaurus and of course the T-Rex.

Why? Because they are top notch, superlatives, king of the hill, spectacular numbers, 300 km/h, 3600 km/h, 100 tons of living flesh. Huge impressive numbers. Being a boy is all about being on top. Some men forgot that over time, but boys know it quite well.

Being associated to these top achieving things, we felt also top notch, we felt being the superlative ourselves. In card games it was our Countach that had that top speed compared to the other, lesser cards, it was our Blackbird and our T-Rex. Well, at least we had the right card in our little hands.

Boys really like superlatives as they are very competitive. To compete in all fields and areas of their existence is their elixir of live, is the essence of their being. To be better, to be the alpha-male guarantees them to reproduce if you think about it on an evolutionary scale. So they have fun, when they win. Noting else matters. Because it impresses the girls.

And today? We are still the same boys, with, well, some features added, but no basic changes.

So we still like superlatives although they became a bit more subtle. We now apreciate the ellegance of a decent Aston Martin, the fascination of a simple plane for its ability to fly and the top predator T-Rex is just being replaced by another top notch predator: a Rolex Sea-Dweller or a AP Royal Oak Offshore.

We don’t have card games any more, but try to drive the Aston, wear the AP, be the pilot of the plane.

Watch sizes to wear… to be a real man. Size does matter - if you are still a boy.

So naturally, the watch a grown up boy wears must be bigger than that of the other boy across the table. That is as obvious as no woman will ever have any other cause for the size of her watch, than fashion. If it is bigger than the other woman’s watch? Who cares?

Men. They care. So sizes of watches went up…

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