The Rolex GMT-Master II

Buy now or cry later. This rule does not applie for a lot of watches, but for not so many more than for the last no-ceramic Rolex GMT Master II, the famous, the one and only: Ref. 16710.

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In my watch collecting efforts, things had to become serious again. With this purchase I could no longer deny that I had become something I never imagined: a Rolex collector and a Rolex fan.

Rolex GMT Master II 16710

I always knew that I wanted the GMT Master II Pepsi. But it wasn’t so easy to find out which one. When I entered ‘GMT Master II’ in Google or in Pinterest to check out the models I got rather different looking watches. Some looked old and strangely simple, although I could not exactly pinpoint what the exact differences were, some looked brutal and new and not very elegant and only some seemed to be the right ones I was looking for.

I had to learn that the GMT Master Pepsi was a watch that Rolex built since the 1950s. At that time PAN-AM pilots for the first time in history due to the development in intercontinental flight, changed many timezones so quickly that they should have a decent watch that was able to change the time very easy in hour steps back and forth – and Rolex made that watch for them. The GMT Master.

The iconic Pepsi bezel was there from the beginning, indicating night and day for the 24 hour hand. But the model got some changes over the decades. Slight changes, you probably only would spot if you know what you are looking for – we are talking about Rolex – but changes that make the models differ a bit.

But in 2007 Rolex changed the model dramatically…

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