The Watch from the Moon

Have you ever been on the Moon? Me? Not even close.

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The Omega Speedmaster Professional definitely deserves the ‘Professional’, as this is the one and only watch NASA to this day gives their astronauts to wear on their space missions.

Omega Speedmaster Professional 'Man on the F*cking Moon' (2016)

Not only the Apollo astronauts way back then in the time got one, also todays’ Space Shuttle and Space Station missions also rely in last instance, in case every electronical device and every computer ceases function, on the Speedmaster Professional – I doubt this would help today, but lore tells us that at least in the Apollo 13 case the Speedy saved the life of the three astronauts. Be it so or not, it is definitely a professional tool watch, more than many other watches that merely try to be one.

Indeed I never had the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch on my wrist before. Seriously. I knew for half of my life, that I needed a chronograph, I already had considered it being my first proper wristwatch, but the opportunity never surfaced to test the Speedy live and in technicolor. Never in my life. Isn’t that peculiar when you think about it being it the first ‘real’ wristwatch that caught my attention way way back in the 1980s?

I once had the opportunity to look at a Speedmaster Reduced (who on earth seriously wants a watch that is called ‘Reduced’?) but I neither put it on my wrist nor did it catch on, I simply didn’t like that one very much. It looked smallish to me, too many functions and registers crammed into a too small dial. And for that reason not very elegant at all.

I finally put the Speedmaster Professional with its 42 mm case on my wrist in a watch shop in early 2016. And it took me about half a second to recognize: this original Speedy is an utter beauty. On the Top Gear Cool Wall it would definitely belong into ‘Sub Zero’ (that’s cooler than ‘seriously cool’). No doubt about that.

But only if you see it live. The Speedy has a strange way of not being…

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