My First Rolex – Rolex Seadweller 4000

How an Apple Watch shapeshifted into a Rolex.
I can’t deny – and I don’t even try to – I am an Apple enthusiast.

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In my case the Apple watch started something that the guys from Cupertino obviously hadn’t in mind.

It all began with my wife trying to buy me an Apple watch. But the result was 1. there wasn’t one available, as it was not on the market back then and 2. when she told me, I said that this was a good thing that she didn’t get one because frankly, I did not really want one. Instead I told her that, talking about watches, I perhaps wanted another ‘real’ watch to accompany my Omega Seamaster, this time perhaps a Rolex. And she said, recklessly: »if you want a Rolex, why don’t you get one?«

inappropriate for the species: Rolex Sea-Dweller 4k on a mountain

But this was not an easy one. So to get back into my old hobby, I first compiled my old watches – to see what I had and move on from there.

But as we already saw, there wasn’t so much to mention. I had a Omega Seamaster for around 1000 bucks and some basically at best mid-range stuff for some hundred bucks each. Nothing to be mentioned at all. So I had the oportunity to more or less start from scratch.

The first one is always the hardest.

I had decided that my new watch would probably be a Rolex, my first Rolex. And it obviously had to be the right model. And to choose the right one took some time. Firstly, because I had to find out which models there were. I did not know very much about Rolex back then. Secondly, because I had to find out not only what each model looked like – what you can find out on the Internet, but also what it would look like on the wrist – what you can find best on Pinterest and Google Pictures on the Internet, but also what it looked like on my very own wrist – what you can only find out with yourself at the dealer’s, and finally what it looked like live and in reality – what you only can find out with your own eyes. And that simply takes some time, dedication and effort, escpecially as you will find out that there isn’t always every Rolex in stock, even not at a official Rolex dealer. So often you go there to see two or three models and you are lucky if the dealer has at least one of them to show you.

Not a Sub – because everybody has one

The first Rolex models you hear about are of course the Submariner and the Daytona. But…

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