My First Decent Watch

Now I was an adult with a diploma and now I wanted a ‘real’ watch. It should represent my status – at least a little bit, because my status still wasn’t so impressive at all.

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There are a lot of ways to become mature and one of it is to graduate from university. And of course this was another occation to get a decent watch. This time I took the question which watch to choose more seriously. Being an engineer now I had my ways to find out which technical product was not only appropriate by its looks, but also technologically, regarding quality and all that. So I looked which brands would be there and what watches they had to offer.

real classic: Omega Seamaster Professional (1999)

A fellow student at that time told me about the difference between watchmakers and real watch manufacturers (as he put it). He defined it like this: the first ones all use the same movements from a standard movement supplier and merely design cases and bracelets, but not the heart of the matter: the movement; while the latter ones make their own movements, and everything else by themselves - what he of course considered to be much better. And he told me that in the huge amount of watchmakers only a view actually made their own movements. I remember him mentioning Rolex (of course), and Zenith – and some other with rather peculiar names that I could not recall seconds after I heard them. Today I would reconstruct them to have been: Jaeger-LeCoultre, Audemars-Piguet, Patek-Philippe and Vacheron Constantin and perhaps Breguet. You might guess why I couldn’t recall them in the first place.

So as I learned the idea is that the watch making world is divided up into to parts:…

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