Luxury Watches – A Purchasing Guide

Luxury Watches - A Purchasing Guide

This is what our readers say:

★★★★ »Good reference for those considering a luxury watch: Good overview of luxury watch manufacturers and significance of each. Reviews some leading models. Covers reasons to invest in a luxury watch…«

★★★★★ Five Stars »Great read. A must for watch collectors. Would recommend.«

★★★★★ »I enjoyed the book and now must rob a bank to afford a Rolex or Patek-Philippe.«

★★★★ »The information contained in this book is quite useful.

★★★★ »That was an interesting book. I am ready to move up to luxury…«

★★★★ »Four Stars. Involving.«

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Rolex Watches

Rolex Watches

This ebook provides you with a lot of purchase relevant background information on the most important Rolex models. With this ebook you will be able to select the watch you want to purchase with ease. You will have a quick overview of the Rolex models and understand why they are there and why some models are considered more important and valuable than others.

This is what our readers say:

★★★★ Great Information: »The details in this book helped me a lot…«

★★★★★ Nice little Book! »Great overview of those models, a nice little book.«

★★★★★ Very good book: »Very good and concise book if you want to learn more about Rolex in a short time.«

★★★★★ Well worth reading and at a fair price: »This is a very useful and clearly written primer for anyone who is interested in Rolex watches. All of the modern and many of the vintage watches are covered. The compact format is a handy feature.«

★★★★★ »Very informative book. A good read for the watch collector. Clear straight talking. Very informative. Would recommend.«

★★★★★ »Very Good!«

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Vintage Rolex Models

What are Vintage Rolex Watches

If someone speaks of vintage Rolex models he usually does not mean the models from the 1990s and 2000s we described in the last chapter.

Rolex vintage models are considered those classical models from the 1970s and 1960s, some even from the 1950s and -40s. These watches are around 50 years old and are considered valuable, because the extremely robust movements still work as expected and there are not very many of them around, what makes them very collectible and expensive.

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