What UFOs Really Are

What UFOs Really Are

Or seem to be. Let’s see what is there.

No doubt there are thousands of sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) every year all over the world nobody can explain.

Things that fly through the sky, change direction and speed seemingly at will, move extremely fast, unnaturally fast considering physics, impossibly fast, changing direction in 90 degree angles also contradicting physics and inertia completely. Often these things emit light, glow, seem to have lights to themselves. Often they are just three (always three) lights in a triangle form in the sky, multiplying to four, five, six lights like life forms, then again dying off, four, three, then they vanish at all. Some have really odd shapes like they don’t seem to make any sense at all. They look unsymmetrical, dysfunctional, pure nonsense, no possible function fathomable and jet strangely technical, not natural.

How can it be that advanced aliens fly around in such retarded craft that make no sense at all? And so many different shapes and forms of them?

Why are UFOs so different?

Then there are those massive sightings. Objects that are recognized by pilots, massive objects, also seen on radar and the conversation between the radar station and the pilots often recorded, like the UFO a Japanese pilot had his Boeing 747 freighter followed by for an hour, as he estimated about 400 m long and round shaped, following his plane, overtaking him, circle him and then suddenly vanishing into nothing. Japanese UFO Incidend

Also – just another random pick – the so called Phoenix Lights, an array of bright lights that flew over Phoenix/Arizona witnessed by thousands of people, calling the police, even the Gouvernor of Arizona saw them and states that in a later interview. Eye witnesses state they saw an object the lights were attached to, a large triangle shaped thing, black, bigger than some football fields effortlessly, without a sound, gliding over the city. Phoenix Lights on Wikipedia

Then in later years sightings multiplied. The availability and permanent presence of cell phones with reasonable foto and video capabilities makes it easier to spontaneusly record sightings and proof that they happened. And nowadays more and more infrared cameras reveal that there is even more movement going on in our atmosphere and even under water and up in space, that is just visible in infrared light, as if these things had some kind of cloaking device that hides them from our eyes.

And even stranger, these sightings seem to have a long history. The triangle shaped lights even might be the origin for that magical number three, identified with god or the gods that again and again appears in some shape or form in every religion of the world. Peoples of all ages sooner or later seem to have seen these and identified them as signs of god. Even the christian god resides often in a triangle.

How is all this possible? Are we visited by otherworldly beings? Is this advanced technology of our guys or aliens we are looking at?

My impression is: no. Despite all that sightings, putting it all together, it is not my impression that these are alien craft with little green (or grey) men on board. Not at all.

It more than that seems to be some kind of a natural phenomenon that not in the first place has anything to do with other beings – and not from other stars at all.

Here is what speaks against it, here are the doubts:

1 the diversity of forms

Look at commercial planes. Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Tupolev. They all look quite alike, because their purpose defines somehow their form. Form follows function. The same with modern (aerodynamic) cars. They all look basically the same – because this form is not only style and taste but part of their function. It is the same thing with all technical things. You won’t have a plane in the form of a cube, because it contradicts its function. You get the idea… things with similar purpose often look similar. Even in nature. Think of a Shark, a Dophlin, an Ichtyosaurus. Same idea, same principle, same function, same form.

But these things that are witnessed flying around in our atmosphere and out in space do differ a lot. They differ greatly in shape and form. There are so many round, odd formed, oval, technical looking, just glowing, ridiculously formed, triangular, ball shaped, cigar shaped, odd shaped, saucer shaped, triangle shaped – and so on – forms, that it is hardly conceivable that they are craft of some sort from one kind of visitors for the same purpose with the same or similar function. Aliens really seem to have a zoo of different craft and things.

Of course there are some few sightings that obviously capture the same thing. Sometimes in the same place by more than one witness, sometimes – and these are the interesting ones in this respect – in very different parts of the world, but the evidence material clearly shows the same thing flying around, same form, same behavior. But this is really rare.

But it’s even worse. Some of these things even seem to change form during the sighting. They change like a shapeshifter, like a living thing, ever moving, evolving, changing from one form to another, like magic. That does not sound like anything we would understand as technology at all. In the first place: why even should it? What would be the purpose of such a highly advanced technology to constantly change shape? Not speaking about the literal physical impossibility of that.

And of course some of these craft – if they are – might be really large ships of some hundred meters in size, some might be single or two seated jets of some meters, some, or even the majority even might be unmanned probes and drones. But still: the overall diversity is a bit high for my taste and a lot of these forms and shapes they seem to have make no sense at all.

Of course we can say, ok then it is not one kind of visitors, not one species of aliens, but more, dozens, hundreds of species, all flying around in different craft and technology. All are present today, here and now, on our earth, without us noticing them, flying around in our atmosphere and around our planet. Possible but not very likely.

And there is another serious problem: not one of these species decided, for what reason ever, to contact us and say hello (or even conquer us)? Highly improbable. What are they here for then? Study us and get on our nerves? If you have so many different species hanging around, even if they all decided to not contact us and have some kind of treaty about it, sooner or later, one of them will break that treaty… just because. At least we would…

So the cause for that unbelievable diversity of objects must be to be found somewhere else. We’ll get to it later.

2 the infrared activity

Since there are more and more digital cameras commercially available sightings in infrared also increase. (Infrared that is light that is slightly outside the visible range to longer wavelengths than red, thus the name. If you go farther you get to heat radiation).

Why do UFOs radiate?

Most of the digital cameras are capable of seeing part of the infrared spectrum due to their silicon sensor chip technology. Often people who look up into the sky, like hobby astronomers with telescopes, see with their infrared capable camera things flying around that cannot be seen in the visible spectrum at all – and nowadays are recording these movements in HD.

So what do we see here, do we see alien spacecraft with cloaking devices?

I think: no. No Klingons there.

Trying an explanation:

Here is what I think it is, what people are witnessing.

ad 1 the diversity of forms

Together with the infrared activity in my opinion we (mostly) don’t see craft of any kind. What we see are interactions of higher dimensional events with our three dimensional world of three static space dimensions and one flowing time dimension.

Think of it like that: If you reduce the phenomenon by subtracting one dimension you can imagine it and then you will see what I mean.

Are UFOs from other Dimensions?

Think of a simple three dimensional thing like a car. It is a three-dimensional object. But if you are a people that doesn’t live in a three dimensional space, but in a just two dimensional space – a people Carl Sagan calls the ‘flatlanders’ in his beautiful book Cosmos from the late 1970s Cosmos Book) – if you are such a flatland people, you just cannot fathom a car. It is way to complex and they never can see it as a whole, because it has (at least) one dimension more than the flatlanders even can imagine, lest see.

What indeed they can see is if such a three dimensional car-thing crosses their flat world. What they will see is random two-dimensional cuts through the car. If their two dimensional flat world is like a two-dimensional plane existing, hovering, being part of a higher dimensional universe, sometimes something from the higher dimensions might touch your dimension or even protrude it.

To elaborate on that, let’s imagine a tree dimensional universe, as part of which our flatlanders live in a two dimensional plane that is part of that higher dimensional structure, like an invisible flat plane hovering somewhere, just hanging around for not purpose, within the three-dimensional space.

Now and then it might happen that such a three-dimensional car is driving down a road, thinking nothing special or peculiar, not noticing at all that it just touched the plane of the flatlanders. Perhaps the flatland by accident lies flat on the road and only the lower tip of the tires that touch the road also enter the flatland at four distinct points. Then for the flatlanders four strange shapes looking like rectangles enter their world out of nothing. They move through their world for some time, strangely coherent even if they don’t seem connected at all, changing form and size now and then, becoming larger and smaller before vanishing as they appeared – seemingly out of nothing. A god made a statement (at least for the flatlanders).

Maybe some other day the flatland plane moved a bit or it might be shaped in itself, curved in the three-dimensional space it is embedded in, or just standing upright on the road. If the exact same car now crosses the (invisible) flatland plane, the flatlanders will see a whole different scenario: a strange metallic form – the two-dimensional cut through the bumper – will appear, will change its form rapidly, expand, become an even more complex thing – a two dimensional cut through the hood, then the through the passenger area (perhaps they see a cut through the driver) and finally cuts through the trunk of the car – before it again vanishes.

Note: the same object creates an extremely different impression because the flatlanders see completely different two-dimensional cuts through the car. They will never think that this appearance, shapeshifting and quite impressive, will have anything to do with the four black squares (the tires) that moved through their world some other time.

But in truth it was just the same old three-dimensional car, just touching and protruding their world at at different angle.

Even better: the car and its driver don’t notice at all. They don’t want to visit the flatlanders or interact with them. The driver and his car probably don’t even know that the flatlanders are there, pondering about that peculiar, temporary visit to their flat world.

Even better: it doesn’t need a car and a driver to do this trick. There might be a rock falling of a cliff touching or hitting flatland and will make a big impression of suddenly appearing, magically changing form (kind of a irregular circle in the flatland) and then disappearing again within seconds.

For the flatlanders the three-dimensional beings like the driver is a god. Like Carl Sagan points out, the three-dimensional being might br able to manipulate the flatlander’s world at will and in ways the flatlanders cannot fathom. If the flatlander’s time is his third space dimension, he even can move forward and back in time like walking back and forth a road. Not because he is a god, but just because he is three-dimensional and not only two. And of course the flatlanders also cannot fathom the looks of that higher dimensional being. Not at all. Not because he is a god, but because it has one dimension more than they can imagine. All they ever see is lines and curves, they don’t have a clue what a ‘surface’, a ‘ball’ or a ‘cube’, lest a face might be or look like.

If you now just add one dimension to the scenario and replace the flatlanders by humans you get what I think we are looking at with the UFO phenomenon.

This not only explains why the UFO sightings almost never interact or react to our world. They just appear, make their way and then again disappear. This might be the case, because they might be just four (or higher) dimensional things (natural or technical, beings or just natural phenomenons, four dimensional rocks occasionally falling from four-dimensional hills, touching our three dimensional space) that somehow for a short period of time cross the tree dimensional ‘plane’ of our three dimensional world and – not noticing at all – just leaving it again. Without intention, without even having to be intelligent beings.

Again: that does not mean that all and every UFO is just an accidental occurrence of that sort. Some might want to take a look at us. But the majority seems to be. Mainly because they don’t seem and even not want to interact or take note of us at all.

ad 2 infrared activity

So have some of these things a cloaking device or not, so we cannot seen them?

No probably not. Why should they care? Does the car and the driver care if the flatlanders see (parts of) him? Does he install a cloaking device that the flatlanders cannot see (parts of) him and his car. Does he even care?

I think what we are looking at here is that these protrusions of the dimensions (like the tires of the car that enter the flatlanders’ world for a short time) produce interaction of matter and for that reason create some energy that gets visible by simple emission of radiation. This might be visible light, it might be infrared and it might be also UV and other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. It might depend on the intensity of the interaction, like, a fast driving car might protrude the flatlander plane with more energy and might cause a ‘visible’ light emission, while a slow interaction might just cause some low energy infrared emitting interaction, just scratching the surface.

Also the angle of protrusion might play a role. A direct hit might cause some kind of lightning ball or ball-lightning or explosion (Tunguska comes to mind The Tunguska Incident), while a slow graze of the higher dimensional object with the flatland might only produce some slow faint glow.

In the case of the Mothman, things might be a little different. All incidents with the Mothman seem to be accompanied by intense UV radiation. And this also applies to some other UFO incidents, like the Cash-Landrum Incident, where the witnesses not only very clearly see some sort of craft or being, but also suffer from radiation poisoning and/or sunburn and corneal irritation.

This might indeed be caused by intentional and forceful protrusion of the dimensions and some sort of technology to achieve that. And the UV radiation might be a byproduct of that forceful event. Also the Mothman seems to have contacted people on purpose and did not appear and vanish without any purpose but appeared to somehow make contact. Of course his appearance in form of a dark angel or large bat might just be a form he gave himself or his three dimensional cut through his four or even higher dimensional body.

Who knows that kind of stuff.

Alien and other Abductions

In that sense the Alien abductions that seem to have some similarities to the Mothman incidents, and also the Missing 411 incidents David Polides writes about in detail in his Missing 411 books. All that might indeed be situations when people are taken out of our dimension – for what reason ever.

It might be like Carl Sagan describes it: a three dimensional being could take a flatlander out of his plane and put him back in where- and whenever he wants. The flatlander to the other flatlanders would just disappear and reappear inexplicably.

Even the Bigfoot phenomenon might somehow be connected to this, as, also this phenomenon seems to have some outerworld or inter-dimensional aspect to it. At least there is a large being that is spotted time and time again, but noone ever could lay his hand on nor are any dead bodies of it ever found. And it is not by accident that David Paulides researched Bigfoot before he came to the Missing 411 phenomenon.

Summing up

That brought together would make something like the following scenario:

Most of the UFO sightings are just ‘natural’ incidents with no meaning at all.

These UFO incidents are just ‘collisions’ of higher dimensional objects – being it technical or natural objects – with our dimension. It indeed is not thousands of different craft designs, shapeshifting, defying physics and with cloaking technology, but just cuts through higher dimensional objects that from time to time just occur rather naturally and cause some light or infrared reaction.

Only very rare UFO incidents that are more complex, might be caused by real and intended interactions of higher dimensional beings or beings that are able to make use of higher dimensions, to make some kind of contact with us.

In probably no case these ‘aliens’ are from any other place than earth. They are not in the same way as we are made from (three dimensional) flesh and blood and they don’t sport more-than-light-speed spacecraft to come over to us for a beer from Andromeda.


This all might be more the phenomenon that we for ages would call ‘gods’. Just because these beings would be able to do things that are unimaginable for us to do.

If these beings on purpose influence us, for whatever reason, being our guardians, our shepards or just our slave masters is highly unclear. That they don’t talk to us openly makes the latter idea not so improbable at all. If they invented our world, built it and within placed us, ourselves into it, or they just are inhabitants of this same universe just on a higher dimensional level, also is highly unclear.

Divine Intervention

Evidence for these ‘gods’ existing, might be to have a look at the literal impossibility of some of the things we encounter in our world, like the ‘Megalithic’ walls of Peru and other places.

It might as well be that these beings used their power in the past to built things in our world and to start civilization or just to give us some cruel riddles to think about. I also consider the Dinosaurs being some of these cruel riddles for us to have to think about – or think about something at all: it develops our ability to think… perhaps this is the goal of the whole endeavor.

Perhaps we are just some kind of artificial intelligence grid that has to learn to make good decisions in the future. Douglas Adams and 42 from the Hitchhkers Guide to the Galaxy comes to mind.

The thing with these Megalithic walls in my opinion is that they are literally impossible to make the way they are. No other explanation than an intervention of ‘gods’ from higher dimensions that somehow are not bound to our physics at all, might suffice to explain their sheer and undeniable existence. They are there! And they are more than strange! I think it is impossible to make them at all. And here is why…

If someone might have the technology to melt rock of that grade (Diorite and Granite and other really hard stuff like that) and is able to bring it into these strange and ever different individual forms, he probably won’t never ever built them like that… because then he then thinks in technology and that means ‘straight lines’ and ’90 degree angles’, ‘efficiency’, ‘purpose’, ‘ease’, ‘repeatability’, ‘standards to make things easy and managable’… he literally must, just for the ease, just for the sheer possibility of doing things. This is technology. I am an engineer. I know how these kind of things work…

But these Megalithic walls show that whoever crafted them, did it the way they are made, and that is in the most complicated and most inefficient way imaginable, just for one reason: because he could! He didn’t bother it being perhaps complicated or impossible.

All that sounds not so strange any more if you had a look at Sacsayhuamán and Ollantaytambo. Amazingly Puma Punku is different: it has the straight lines, the 90 degree angles, the undeniable traces of technology… what happened here?

And no human being is able to go this most inefficient and most complicated rout. He wouldn’t and he couldn’t. While working his hands (and ass) off he would constantly think of a better, a more efficient way to do it. He wouldn’t do it like that at all. Too hard. Too complicated. Too inefficient. He wouldn’t be able and wouldn’t want to built walls and even whole fortresses on peaks of mountains like that. Who would?

Anyone who takes that rout does so because he literally does not care about efficiency and it is on a very basic level not complicated for him to do this kind of thing. It is easy for him. He does not even bother to think about a better way. Whoever did it, it was not hard, but easy to him to build the walls the way they are, all too easy.

But for whom is it easy to put ton heavy boulders exactly in place, perfectly aligned and shaped for the ones surrounding it, not two formed in the same way, in places high up in the mountains, made from the hardest stones that there are on this planet? Who would do that, who would be able to do that? Who would want to do that, instead of trying something, let’s say, easier? All that makes no sense at all.

The Indians say it was the gods who made these buildings – and they did it within days. Perhaps they just tell the truth.


What is clear is that these UFO incidents happen and that most of them are not easily explained by weather phenomena and unpublished next gen technology. Most of them appear so randomly and so without any noticable purpose and without even obeying the rules of physics, that they cannot just be part of our world – i.e. our three dimensions we know, but literally have to be something else.

And we must take into account that even a lot more of these things happen, over the oceans, over deserts and high up in the air and out in space, even down in the depths of the oceans. Just noone looking, noone noticing.

All this says one same thing: there are beings that can do things we cannot fathom. And there are other dimensions that interact with ours. Or people just have a vivid imagination.