Luxury Watches as Investment - Audiobook

Luxury Watches as Investment

Knowhow for your wallet! 6 hourse of focused and compressed knowhow about Luxury Watches as an Investment class.

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Luxury watches know-how, bundled, compressed, to the point.

The Audiobook

Watches are worthwhile investments. Of course, not all watches, but only certain, special, selected.

But not so special that you could not just buy them. At least some of them.

This course teaches you, how to recognize how this form of investment pays.

Like all luxury goods, a watch must be rare and in demand to rise in value. Therefore, all consumer goods decrease in value – but not luxury goods: Luxury goods are rare, not available, scarce, durable and timeless, thus stable in value and therefore in demand.

This book will give you all the details of investing in luxury watches in a nutshell and focused on the crucial information, so once you’ve read it, you immediately can go and buy your first watch as an investment.


0 Preface

In this book you will learn everything necessary to invest in luxury watches. Your goal may be to sustain your capital, expand your capital, generate returns, and at the same time enjoy elaborate luxury items during all these dry topics.

1 Why Investing?

The monetary value of all currencies melts like butter in the sun. Monetary stability, even the world’s major currencies, such as the US dollar and the Euro, are simply no longer there today for political reasons. Monetary stability is passe.

2 A short History of the Mechanical Watch

The first wristwatches were ladies’ watches. Because other than the gentlemen’s, the ladies’ dresses in former times had no pockets. Thus, the wristwatch, the watch you wear on the wrist, was initially a thing for women. Gentlemen until the beginning of the 20th century of course wore pocket watches.

3 Nature and Advantages of Luxury Goods

In particluar, we are talking about luxury goods here. And for the investment, it is important to recognize that luxury goods are subject to very different laws than consumer goods. Consumer goods are mass-produced, so they are available in enormous quantities, they are cheaply made with machines, so their sheer mass hardly faces lasting durability and quality. Therefore, their value expires virtually instantaneously with the purchase process.

4 Markets and Prices

The market for luxury watches is big., the central organ of the luxury watch used market currently (summer 2019) lists over 400,000 available watches worldwide. Keep in mind that these are mostly used watches, which are usually offered by professional dealers. Not included in this statistics is the larger part of the new watches offered by the manufacturers’ official watch dealers. So we are looking only at a fraction of the market.

5 Which Watch Brands?

There is a reason that we have already talked a lot about Rolex.

Of course, there are quite a few good, well-known and well-reknown luxury watch manufacturers.
There is of course Rolex, Omega and Breitling, but also IWC, Panerai, Hublot, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Breguet, Blancpain and Longines, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin, A. Lange and Nomos, Girard Perregaux, Ulysse Nardin, Piaget, F.P. Journe, H. Moser, Zenith, Oris and Chopard, Baume&Mercier, Corum and Cartier, Eterna and Frank Muller, Hamilton, Bell&Ross and Bremont, Meistersinger, Laco and Glashütte Original, Seiko, Sinn and Swatch, Tudor and Tissot Urwerk, Vostok, Montblanc and U-Boat.

But which manufacturers now produce watches that are suitable for investment?

6 Which Models?

Of course, we cannot give a purchase recommendation here. The illustrated models are merely the icons of their sector and role models for any future or yet to be discovered models that can also gain meaning. In general, of course, all considerations of the performance of a model inevitably refer to the past. The future remains uncertain.

7 Classics

The Classics are so to say the second, slightly wider line of models behind the icons. Classics are not as untouchable as icons, but recognized and known and in demand and thus relatively stable in price. Genuine classics are made by their manufacturer, who manufactures watches as unbroken as possible since its inception, in an as unbroken line. Here we find the big names of the watch industry and watch history.

8 Undervalued and Overvalued

Of course, beyond these broad, worn-out paths of the luxury watch circus, one can search for the undiscovered gems, for the undervalued icons of tomorrow, for the overlooked design highlights.

There are many contenders for this, because almost every watch-launch and re-launch aims at this ultimate status and seeks out all the factors like heritage, history, importance of their predecessors and of themselves – especially in the case of inhouse hommages of larger than life ancestors. And since the watch market hat its hay-day some half a century ago, there is a lot to look back to. Escpecially with the re-releases of great old models and designs, the history and the meaning (mind you the earlier) meaning of this model can be particularly easily demonstrated.

9 New or Used

Buy old or new? Well, that is probably easily answered: watches that are still available new, of course, new, virgin. Those that are no longer built, of pure necessity: used.

Well, it’s not that easy then.

10 Case Studies

So far everything was a gray theory. How now do real watches behave, how does their value develop, do we find an increase in value, value stability or just boring price erosion?

11 Comparison of Investment Strategies

Last but not least, we compare our watch portfolio against stocks and gold in a direct shoot-out. How is the outsider doing? How does it perform in a race over the middle distance of 5 years?

And the winner is… but read all that right now in our latest book ‘Luxury Watches as Investment’.