Luxury Watches – Audiobook

Luxury Watches - A Purchasing Guide

A luxury watch is more than $5,000. So naturally in this topic there is a lot of money involved. If you buy one, you better know, what you do.

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This book will help you to avoid wrong decisions that would cost you huge amounts of money buying luxury watches. It will help you to understand how the luxury watch market works. There are a lot of watchmakers and even more watches on the market. It will help you to identify the top brands and watches that not only look nice, but are a good investment into the future.

Vintages models are very en vogue for some years now. So if you consider purchasing a luxury watch, there are a lot of things you need to know. Like e.g. What is a luxury watch and what makes it so expensive? What models and brands keep their value over years, which even grow in value? What are the top watch brands of the world? What are the top watch models, the timeless classics available? Should I buy a replica watch? Can a luxury watch be a financial investment like artworks, oldtimers or precious metals?

This book will help you with basic knowledge and some personal advice.
You will find these topics covered:

1 The Basics

What is a Luxury Watch?
What is an Automatic Watch?what-is-a-automatic-watch)
Where to buy a Luxury Watch?

2 The Watchmakers

What are the Top Watch Brands?
Are Swiss Watches an Investment?

3 The Watches

What are Seriously Cool Watches?
Holy Trinity, Luxury, Budged Alternatives

4 Important Aspects

What Watch to buy?
What are Replica Watches?